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Although we specialize in online cloud based backups for business and small business websites, we have also created a CGI script called BFormMail. BFormMail is a simple www form to email gateway script which is used by all of our client websites. It has also been downloaded and shared and is in use by websites around the world!

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In addition to using the BFormMail script to process www forms for our client websites, many of our website clients are also subscribers to our South Jersey CrashPlan online cloud based backup service. We provide businesses the protection they need for their critical and confidential digital content by providing a safe and secure offsite backup service which is fully automated.  Check us out at!

If you are planning on using the BFormMail script for your business or personal website, please read further and follow our download link below.

BFormMail Overview:

BFormMail is a modification of Matt Wright’s FormMail v1.92., a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any form and send them to the specified user. This script has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified through the form, meaning you don’t need any programming knowledge or multiple scripts for multiple forms. This also makes BFormMail the perfect system-wide solution for allowing users form-based user feedback capabilities without the risks of allowing freedom of CGI access.

Modifications/additions include the following additional fields:

  • Courtesy reply e-mail to the visitor to provide confirmation that the form was sent. This can be customized with several fields to create a short “thank you” reply.
  • cc and bcc email fields to send copies of the form response to additional recipients
  • Support for a flat file database. Several fields define the location of the database file, which fields to append to the database and the delimiter between fields.
  • Support for e-mail to fax gateways, specifically Faxsav (now EasyLink). Faxsav requires an e-mail where the “From:” field is the subscriber and the “To:” field is the fax phone number. Using special form fields, an additional e-mail message is formatted and sent to the fax service. The e-mail is converted into a fax and will be on your fax machine within a few minutes of the form submission!
  • Special formatting to support email messages sent to a cellphone.
  • An activity log which logs each execution of the script, the referrer used, emails sent and any error messages generated.
  • Anti-spam control – see below.

Some of these features were originally found in yForm, a modified version of Matt Wright’s FormMail v1.5 by Donald E. Killen and Ashley Bass.

This script is used for form processing in all of our client web sites. To see BFormMail in action, click on our Test form page below. Feel free to visit our client pages to see how the form can be setup, however please do not submit the form on any of our client pages unless you are actually seeking some information – use the test form below instead.


This form is an example of how to implement the additional features found in BFormMail (courtesy reply and append database). The e-mail to fax feature is fully implemented compliments of EasyLink Services

More information on this script can be found in the Readme file. Read it completely to help with the installation!

BFormMail has also been ported into French!

fFormMail V1.0f

November 2006

BFormMail version 2.5-192 is available for download.

Here is the latest security update to BFormMail. This version is based on Matt Wright’s FormMail V1.92, released April 2002 which contains several additional security and anti SPAM features.

Version 2.5-192 adds a few additional anti SPAM related enhancements to the script. In addition to the security features incorporated from Matt’s FormMail v1.92, We have added SPAM email harvesting protection, IP address blocking and forbidden strings checking:

  • SPAM email harvesting protection enables you to protect all email addresses contained in your forms by imbedding illegal characters in the email address to hide from harvesting such as jo*h!n@my!dom*ai!*m which would be interpreted as The * and ! characters are ignored by the script.
  • IP address blocking allows you to configure the script to prevent unauthorized use from an IP address or address range of hosts which is known to be a spammer site.
  • Forbidden strings allows you to specify strings which are not allowed to be entered on a form by visitors on your site, or by a spammer who has hijacked the script. Blocking strings such as curse words, drugs, or HTML tags forces your visitors to “keep it clean”.
  • There is also a debug subroutine which can assist in tracing program execution – helpful for installation difficulties.

See the Readme file for more information on these features.

IMPORTANT: If you are using FormMail 1.6 or any version of BFormMail prior to 2.2.192, please upgrade immediately! These features help prevent using the script as a mail relay for spammers.


BFormMail can be downloaded in several different formats. Complete the form below and follow the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE – We can only provide limited support for this script. If you are having problems getting your own form to work, try the test forms included here FIRST! Please be sure you read the BFormMail.readme file completely before submitting any questions. In it you will find several tips to help you get things working and how to use the built-in debug routines. If you need to ask a question, be specific about what you have tried and what the results were.


There is no payment required for BFormMail. Since BFormMail is based on another script placed in the public domain, it would not be fair to charge a fee for its use. The changes made were to suit the needs of our clients and this is our way of sharing the modified script.


Please complete the form below in order to download the BFormMail cgi script.

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