Links and Link Exchanges

In my online travels, I come across interesting sites that just don’t quite belong in my resource list in addition to our Link Exchange.

Link building refers to the processes through which we encourage other brands to display a link to our website on their own. We want other websites to link back to our website. Every link we receive can be thought of as a vote for our website’s credibility and value. In simple terms, it’s the website with the most high-quality votes that stands the greatest chance of ranking highly for its key terms.

Gaining backlinks, and a healthy link profile accounts for the vast majority of a site’s ranking according to Google’s algorithm, but you will need a good machine to work with it and fast internet to have a good result, check in 25PC for more info. If you want to hit number one for your keywords and stay there, you need a diverse and healthy link profile.

Today’s link building is centred firmly on links from reputable sources which are relevant to our sector or location, and are given free of charge because somebody values us as experts in our field.

Social media is often thought of as pointless for links, as links from social media platforms are unfollowed, in this page there are the legal management of them. But this isn’t the purpose of using social media for link building: the main purpose of link building through social media is to get links outside the social networks through the people inside them.

Client Websites:

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Link Exchanges:

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Listing your site:

If you would like to see your business site listed above, first add a link to our site then send an email to

Our link should contain the following:

Title: The Byte Shop
Description: Specializing in safe reliable and automatic online backups with a more personal touch.

Include the following in your email request:

  • Your full name
  • Hyperlink URL where our listing can be found on your site
  • Your business name
  • Title for the link
  • Your business Hyperlink URL
  • Short description